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Sleepwalking and Sleep Talking

What is Sleep Walking & Sleep Talking?

Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder that causes people to get up and walk while sleeping. Episodes of sleepwalking typically occur when a person is in the deep stages of sleep. The sleepwalker is unable to respond during the event and does not remember sleepwalking. In some cases, sleepwalking is associated with incoherent talking. Sleepwalking occurs most commonly in childhood but can last into adulthood.

Symptoms of sleep walking:

  • Episodes of sleepwalking can range from quiet walking about the room to agitated running or attempts to “escape.” Typically, the eyes are open with a glassy, staring appearance as the person quietly roams the house. On questioning, responses are slow or absent. If the person is returned to bed without awakening, he or she will usually not remember the event.
  • Older children, who may awaken more easily at the end of an episode, often are embarrassed by the behavior (especially if it was inappropriate).

What Causes a Person to Sleepwalk?

Several different factors may be involved in the development of sleepwalking. These may include:

  • Genetics (traits that run in families)
  • Environmental
  • Medical conditions

Sleepwalking is not associated with other sleep problems, sleeping alone in a room or with others, fear of the dark, or anger outbursts.

Where Can I Get Treatment for Sleep Walking & Sleep Talking in Glendale, Peoria and Surprise, Arizona?

We have diagnosed and provided treatment for thousands of patients who suffered from sleep walking and sleep talking. Treatment options may include behavior and lifestyle changes and recommendations, and prescribed medications. Call us today to schedule your sleep test.